Underwater photography: – excellent resource for camera/housing/strobe reviews, interesting guides for technique and equipment setup – good forum and guides. they also have a classifieds for trading equipment – good place to buy stuff online.


Hong Kong Diving: – the best place to buy underwater housings, lights and photo related equipment in HK. Diving with them is a another story, though… – best diving crew and dive boat in HK by far. But they don’t have a clear schedule of where they are going. They are a Lavacore distributor and have some hard-to-find equipment. – best place in HK for diving suits, fins, masks. This place is loaded with bargains! Spacious shop.

Diving Adventure – they are a full shop with lots of stuff and offer trips across Asia. Some friends traveled with them and it was ok, but the staff is terrible so they are my last resort just in case I can’t find something in any other store…

Orientalsweetlips – They have good and detailed  descriptions of the divesites in Hong Kong, so when I want to check what a divesite in HK should like, that’s where I go.


Dive operators:


Malapascua Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort – you should definitely stay there, it’s the best resort in the island, the best bar/restaurant, the best breakfast. They are fantastic operators, their boat is amazing, crew is great. The only thing you should consider doing with another operator is the Thresher shark dive. They have a good one, I did it, it was great. But my friend who tried ThresherSharkDivers had an even better experience, so fair is fair.



Aquamarine – Excellent diving in Bali. This operator is not the cheapest, but their crew is absolutely great, the boats are excellent. If you want to see some serious stuff in the eastern part of the Island, that’s the way to go. I was not lucky with them finding the Mola-mola, so that’s my only IF.

Zen divers: If you want to check out North Bali, they have something special going on there. They will help you explore Puri Jati, Seraya and Secret garden, which are relatively unknown and amazing dive sites.


Anilao: – The best operator I have ever dived with. You would have to be crazy to dive with someone else in Anilao.


Puerto Galera: : Good dive operator, they really know the dive sites




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